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Liposome and Emulsion Characterization

An excellent study on the characterization of liposomes and emulsion

Liposome and Emulsion Characterization

Direct determination of liposome nanoparticle morphology (size distribution and shape), and assembly (lamellarity) for therapeutic lipid particles are critical to characterization. These factors are known to influence biological activity, biodistribution and toxicity. Quantitative data is essential for accurate pharmaceutical and biotechnology formulation discovery and development. NanoImaging Services performs full characterization of nanoscale liposome particles using advanced Molecular Microscopy methods developed specifically to preserve the native fully hydrated biological structure of liposomes. Our automated methods provide reliable high throughput image acquistion.

Fully hydrated lipid vesicles preserved in vitreous ice at 21,000x (left) and 52,000x (right) magnification.  Particle morphology and lamellarity are directly observable
  • Size
    What is the exact size fo your liposome or micelle?
  • Shape Characterization
    Is the shape consistently spherical, elliptical, elongated?
  • Lamellarity
    Is the particle single or multi-layered?
  • Particle Sub-structure
    Does the particle contain drug cargo?


Case Studies:  Read more about liposome characterization services in the “Characterization of Liposomes in Solution” case study.

Drug Development: Support for pharmaceutical and biotechnology formulation discovery, development and scale-up functions related to chemistry, manufacturing, and control (CMC).

Regulatory Review: Provided supplemental and potentially critical data for demonstrating procedures to ensure stability, batch-to-batch uniformity, and overall quality for IND and NDA submissions have been development.

Validation: Qualified evidence of established protocols and specifications for production process as well as demonstration of bioequivalence when manufacturing protocols are modified or improved.



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